The Body in the World

I make art using a collection of images to explore the variety of image choices by collage.

The human body is interesting to paint, however within most newspapers and magazines the photos are either grainy and photo-shopped. I also don’t think a whole image should be repainted as art as in many cases a photographer would have their own opinions on the nature of this.

With this in mind I’d like to tackle the issue of pornography and the commodification of naked image in off-licences and smaller shops.
I remember seeing images like this since I was a child and feeling sadness and discomfort.

Although the introduction of concealing these magazines’ covers has helped, I still see the hyper-sexualised glamour nudes on newspaper covers and starred out genitals on magazine covers, on the floor, near the entrance and exit of shops or left out among other magazines.

Health and fitness do not fall into this category, as wellbeing and lifestyle contains more content than just sex.

I’d like to help young children deal with the definition of exposure and the nude and challenge values enforced by hyper sexualisation.

To do this I would like to create a newspaper with high definition photographs of different parts of the human body to be placed near where sexualised content is sold. People can buy these papers with a charitable donation a children’s charity to make collages, paintings and drawings from.

The ability to access clear images of the body, without an uncomfortably fetishised context, could help people to study figurative painting in places far from an art school or life painting classes.

I’m hoping to develop this project by giving short snippets of discussion about art, techniques in collage and tips on when to find backgrounds, and upload these when they are printed.

Watch this space!