Completed Work

Some work that I’ve finished. Prints available when I can.

Mind Matter, Oil on Canvas, 2016

This is about the idea of creation in the form of working with action in environment. Direction travels one way and it is up to the senses to push against to find what the opposite has to offer in the way: learning and prospering.

Mouldy, Oil on Canvas, 2017

This painting is literally covered in mould as it didn’t have the right environment. Making an attempt with white vinegar but not going to hold out hope.

This represents an experience of domestic violence. The more feminine figure on the lap is meant to show how inability or perceived inability, as I was on the side of pacifism, I know the strength it takes not to hit back when you’ve been hit. ‘Battered women’ is a phrase which stirs grief but when you remember it’s best to close your eyes to whats past and remember the greater total.

Eyes Not Watching, Oil on Canvas, 2017-18

I guess communism?