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Kitsch and Surrealism

Exploring Greenberg's criticisms of both Surrealist art and kitsch along with various Surrealist artists between 1920-60 and the similarities between the two phenomenons of the Modernist era...

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Lucian Freud and Paula Modersohn-Becker

Awkwardness clashes with comfort when these two paintings are side by side. Lucian Freud's hauntingly beautiful "Girl With a White Dog," (1950-1) and "Mother and Child Lying Nude," by Paula Modersohn-Becker (1907).

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My Objections to Titling Art as 'Primitive'

Does the classification of a vast variety of art impact how it is viewed? And did the artists which took inspiration from this catalogued genre profit from a cultural identity they did not fully take into account?

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