Author’s Note

However upset you’re feeling there is somebody somewhere who hurts more. It’s the type of statement that doesn’t help when it is felt as life pummelling another person into the ground and in many ways, can further manipulate your grief by only a very hint of truth within a realisation that you don’t matter even to you.

A slight hint of truth, not an absolute and never a final choice. You are to keep you safe and get better, be healthy. To move a watch to somebody fleeing death on their doorstep as a daily reality extends far beyond the walls you’re in. If there is no belief in personal suffering then there is no way to extend understanding.

You should know you matter for the good deeds you put into the world. The good deeds performed as somebody known and unknown. What you believe is right can cause devastation, just as much as not stepping in to stop what somebody else believes is right.

If you are in emotion distress or a crisis of life and in need of somebody to speak to please find the attached documentation provided by Wikipedia of the list of suicide prevention hotlines worldwide.