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To be continually updated with large scale works in progress.

Progress of Untitled 1
Untitled, Oil on Canvas 55 x 45 inches

Female representation after watching female rape as a child made me reject my own body. Damaging my own labia with scissors a few years after this I remember vividly.

This experience drew me towards how healing can be accomplished for victims of FGM. In no way do I put myself in the same class of severity as the women who are cut as apart of this tradition. None the less my heart and soul feels deeply rooted to a transcending pain.

Surgery performed on others should always been undertaken by an adept professional, with a medical and anatomical knowledge base. This is but one reason I study healing and medicine and would like to send my prayers and blessings to the surgeons and patients who perform reconstructive surgery. The cuts themselves are often far from the sterile reconstructing environment, the instruments of practice brutal, such as a razor blade.

Understanding the dynamics between cultural tradition, for the girls who are the victims themselves, the older women who perform the cuts and the men who supposedly benefit, is incredibly important. In the 30 countries with nationally representative prevalence data report that since 1985 rates have been steadily declining: today, 1 in 3 girls aged 15 to 19 have undergone the practice versus half of those thirty years ago. Progress has not been made in all countries within these statistics however and the decline has been uneven. In regard to the women and girls who believe the practice should end the statistics of 15-49 year olds vary dramatically: for example in the United Republic of Tanzania, Togo and Ghana 93-95 percent of those asked said it should end, whereas in Mali, Guinea and Sierra Leone only 14-23 percent said the same.

Unicef FGM Statistics

Overall, the practice of FGM has been declining over the last three decades. In the 30 countries with nationally representative prevalence data, around 1 in 3 girls aged 15 to 19 today have undergone the practice versus 1 in 2 in the mid-1980s. However, not all countries have made progress and the pace of decline has been uneven. Fast decline among girls aged 15 to 19 has occurred across countries with varying levels of FGM prevalence including Burkina Faso, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia and Togo.

Ring Middle, Oil on Canvas, 2018, RUE watermarked depth
Ring Middle, Oil on Canvas, 55 x 55 inches, 2017-continued

The intent of the foreground was to try to show travelling through the experiences of another as somebody who cannot possibly understand fully the greivences they feel while without words for their own personal experience: hence the palm facing outwards and the other inwards. There is always more to find out.