About the Artist


The artwork featured online is a reflection of the streamlined internet era, with an emphasis on the semi-anonymity and semi-non-formality of a user’s profile. The artist is currently developing a studio which is accessible from street level, to be apart of the local art trail and blend online and offline experiences by encouraging visitors to visit further work via mobile phone then and there or at home. As instant internet plays such a prominent role in so many people’s lives, art, which is an extension of life, should be as accessible.

Rue adopted the shortened version of their name, incorporating their initials, as a tag for developing art work with both internal and external environments in mind. They develop work in collage to be transferred to oil paint, digitalised images for posters and redevelopment, as well as stencil and spray paint works. Reaching out to local community members to interact with paintings and the ideas surrounding negative space is an example of a joint process their work captures.

It is emphasised that the artwork featured on rue.cloud site is solely from the artist. Websites which may link this page as an extension of another site are not representations of the artist’s work or of the artist themselves unless referenced here as a source or outlet. Online interconnectivity and authenticity within the internet’s saturation of content is thematic within the post-modern artistic movement: though this may not be relevant it is interesting to note.

The idea for a cloud domain address as a platform for sharing was initially considered as a project to reassess the gaze on nudity, especially within dropbox and cloud uploads. To take pictures of a naked body to create collage and paintings from is often utilised within the artist’s practice.

Sexualised nudity is undefeated as the only type of nudity in some psyches. Yet collecting source material of the figure, like caring for a loved one who needs assisted living, involves a completely different atmosphere.

“I read comments on social media a few years ago… which viewed the naked body in photographs as sexualised, I first felt confused and somewhat surprised that this was a popular attitude. If I needed a picture of a leg then I had no problem with taking a picture of a leg up to the pelvis. If there was genitalia in the photograph I would crop this out using library computers without a second though to whether somebody would see this as strange.”


Oil on canvas pieces have been used as vehicles for messages regarding mutual respect and community, outlining issues regards sexism, rape, racism and homophobia. Prints are currently displayed within London, Brighton, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton and within Staffordshire University as rape awareness posters, highlighting various statistics to drive home the message of looking out for each other, stopping and thinking about how an action can affect somebody else.

Past Shows and Impressum

2014, 2015, 2016 Corridor Exhibition, Goring-by-Sea

2016 The Art Family Presents: Something for Everyone, London

2017-ongoing Street Art, various

2017 Free Range, London

2018 Development and Presentation Hiatus, Midlands

2019 Eyes On, Preston


18-20th October 2019, Parallax Art Fair, London


2018 'Post', Independent Publication

If you would like to contribute and help keep art available on the site and within community projects there are links to both PayPal and Patreon below.