I’ve been rude to my web-hosts and I feel a bit bad. You guys have daytime jobs just like me. I’m sure you’re nice people. I’m sorry for telling you what I wrote on your site feedback page. I was joking.

This is a site of art and thoughtful debate. Here you can find my artwork, written pieces, planned projects and the old man inside me shaking their fist.

External sites are not linked to myself or my art, at least on my end.

Space Heard Watermarked

Space Heard, Three-Dimensional Collage, 2360 x 3146 px (39.3inch x 52.4inch), 2018.

I don’t know what all the fish are about on them other names like mine but Czech for stank puss was smorrid before and now it’s
pěkný kočička.

Sheep 1